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Trends for content owners in 2013: the rise of the multi-tablet household (video)


Trend 2: The rise of the multi-tablet household
Content owners are now faced with the challenge of providing an optimal user experience for a variety of devices, including tablets. As the number of multi-tablet households increases, customers are using them in different ways – smaller devices are more likely to be used for eBook reading, mobile-as-Web browsing, email and photo sharing, while their larger 10-inch counterparts may work better for browsing full versions of websites, reviewing presentations or watching full-length video. How will digital publishers meet the demand for content that is quick to load, always available and optimized for a myriad of devices?
In part two of our five part series, watch Drew McBath, Sr. Director, Product and Strategic Marketing at Internap, discuss how content owners are responding to this challenge.

To learn more, download our white paper, Five Trends to Watch for Content Owners in 2013.

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Drew leads Internap's Product and Strategic marketing group - and until the big bosses find a worthy replacement (impossible?) - he also moonlights as our head of Investor Relations. Prior to Internap, Drew held finance and consulting positions with AT&T and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
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