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The difference between vertical and horizontal scaling (Video)


When your servers have been pushed to their limits, what options will you consider to increase their capacity? To handle more traffic, you can always add more RAM or a bigger processor, but this vertical scaling method can still restrict future growth. Including a plan for horizontal scaling as part of your IT Infrastructure could provide a better long-term solution.

Watch as Internap’s Hosting Evangelist, Andrew Boring, draws some original artwork to demonstrate the benefits of horizontal scaling.

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Andrew Boring

Andrew Boring has been mucking about with computers since his first 1200 baud modem. He joined Internap in 2011 as Product Manager with a focus on cloud services, and in 2013 became Internap's first Hosting Evangelist. When he's not talking about All Things Hosting, Andrew enjoys backpacking and playing the trumpet, though not at the same time.
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