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Trends for content owners in 2013: HMTL5 versus Flash (Video)


Trend 5: HTML versus Flash
Even though HTML5 is quickly becoming the programming language of choice for web developers, digital publishers still need to maintain Flash websites and online applications during the transition. This will require content owners to broaden their development toolset by simultaneously increasing their knowledge of HTML5 while maintaining websites that use Flash.

Private or custom cloud infrastructure platforms offer a cost-effective way to test out new content deployments, HTML5 or otherwise. To ensure mobile content is delivered to end users around the world, global content delivery networks (CDNs) and route-optimized IP services will continue to be critical.

In the video below, watch Drew McBath, Sr. Director, Product and Strategic Marketing at Internap, discuss how content owners are responding to the opportunities presented by HTML5.

This is the final video in our five part series, Five Trends to Watch for Content Owners in 2013.
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Drew leads Internap's Product and Strategic marketing group - and until the big bosses find a worthy replacement (impossible?) - he also moonlights as our head of Investor Relations. Prior to Internap, Drew held finance and consulting positions with AT&T and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
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