ColocationToday’s colocation customers need increased flexibility and control over their infrastructure, beyond basic ping, power and pipe. But traditional colocation services don’t normally offer remote visibility and monitoring of the physical environment, which can make for long hours and late nights in the data center. Internap’s new universal customer portal addresses these issues by providing cloud-like visibility, remote management services and on-demand hybridization capabilities.

Watch this video to see the new colocation management features available in our portal, including:

Visibility – A consolidated view of your colocation footprint, along with cloud-like remote visibility. This allows you to drill down into bandwidth utilization by a single server, and even filter down to individual Ethernet ports.

Management – Get better insight into your colocation footprint with consolidated inventory, power and bandwidth, and environmental monitoring capabilities.

On-demand hybridization – Maximize application performance and infrastructure cost efficiency with the ability to hybridize your cloud and colocation footprints within the same data center.

Internap’s universal customer portal provides cloud-like control over physical infrastructure, allowing organizations to have better control over their data center – from cages, rows and racks down to individual servers. All Internap data centers, including our state-of-the-art New York Metro facility, provide access to our customer portal. Having an increased level of insight into your colocation environment allows you to easily identify trouble spots and react quickly before they become bigger problems.

Learn more about Internap’s universal customer portal here.