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Data center disaster preparedness: mock disaster drills – part 3 (video)


In our previous video on data center disaster preparedness, we discussed the importance of documented emergency response plans. Next, it’s time to test those plans and make sure they do more than just look good on paper – they need to be reliable and executable in the event of a real disaster.

While anyone can go through the steps on a piece of paper, conducting real-time drills is the only way to see how your people respond under pressure. Throw every possible scenario at your operations teams – weather-related events, equipment failures, utility grid failures – this will show you the true nature and knowledge of your resources, and how they will behave under stress.

Testing your plan and going through real-time exercises is the best way to strengthen your plan and prepare your team to handle an actual event. Remember, the purpose of these tests is to identify gaps and make your plan stronger. If you’re not finding problems when doing these drills, you’re not testing hard enough.

Next week’s video will focus on preventative maintenance as part of a strong data center disaster preparedness plan.

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