For SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) providers, their solution must be available anytime, anywhere, to meet the needs of customers in the global marketplace. Businesses are increasingly dependent on 24/7 online accessibility and high-performance network availability, and downtime is not an option. To ensure a reliable, highly available service for a growing worldwide customer base, SaaS providers must ensure that their offering is backed by the right IT Infrastructure, which can include a combination of managed hosting, bare-metal cloud and IP connectivity solutions.

Ideally, SaaS providers would be able to offer a high performance service in a cost-effective manner, with the ability to scale as capacity needs increase. Performance and availability can be a heavy burden for IT departments, and a reliable service provider can help maintain a stable operating environment for your SaaS solution.

Success story: Screendragon
Screendragon uses managed hosting and bare-metal cloud services to meet the needs of their globally-dispersed client base. Screendragon is a leader in Lean Marketing and provides a fully-integrated SaaS solution that supports all aspects of the marketing program development process.

As their SaaS platform experienced an increase in demand over the past few years, ScreenDragon needed to ensure agility and availability for their global customers. To build a reliable solution for their clients, Screendragon successfully uses the following services:

Managed hosting – With customized managed hosting services, Screendragon can provide the agility and resilience required to support their clients’ needs. By having locations in Internap’s New York and Singapore data centers, Screendragon ensures high availability and redundancy for their global market. Internap and Screendragon work closely together on capacity planning and monitor changes that may have an effect on the infrastructure, allowing Screendragon to focus more on high-value initiatives.

Bare-metal cloud – Screendragon has an opportunity to get more efficient, cost-effective performance from their environment with on-demand bare-metal servers. These are not virtualized, and do not run a hypervisor, which allows each server to function at higher capacity. Bare metal offers the performance of a physical server with the automation and self-provisioning capabilities of the cloud, and can reduce the total number of servers needed to achieve your performance requirements.

Route optimization – Screendragon clients benefit from Internap’s route-optimized Performance IP with 100% uptime SLA, which provides high performance and low latency to ensure a positive online experience. This allows marketing clients from around the world to collaborate and develop projects in one place. In addition, Managed Internet Route OptimizerTM (MIRO)ensures that their SaaS solution is running on the fastest available route.

With Internap’s bare-metal, managed hosting and IP connectivity services, Screendragon can support the growth of their clients’ multi-channel digital marketing campaigns.