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How agile is your hosting API?


At Internap, we really believe in the power of APIs.

APIs give developers the ability to create things that we can’t even imagine. They use our API to interact with our infrastructure, interact with our staff and interact with their servers on a programmatic basis.

Our API is very complete – it’s not just about the infrastructure that you manage – you can actually pay your bill using the API, or file a support ticket using the API – that means you can integrate your application directly into our API programmatically (tweet this). Potentially, your server could decide that it’s overloaded and spin up more servers. It could notice a problem with one of your applications and open a support ticket for us to go and take a look.

Having a single API makes it easier to deploy the right kind of resources for any need, without having to integrate with multiple different vendors’ APIs. This means less time integrating and coding and more time focusing on the applications running on the platform.

Our API is really powerful – it’s open, it’s licensed under the creative commons and we have many toolkits available in a variety of languages to help get you started.

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Raj Dutt

Mr. Dutt is responsible for setting Internap’s technology strategy and vision. In this capacity, he identifies and architects the next-generation suite of technologies in support of the company’s hosting, enterprise IP and content delivery network services. Mr. Dutt has extensive experience in applying open-standards, modular components and automation to overcome the limitations of physical environments and build highly agile application ecosystems. Mr. Dutt joined Internap through the company’s acquisition of Voxel in 2011, where he was Founder and Chief Technology Officer.
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