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Welcome to the April edition of our monthly Internap Partner Newsletter “Channeling Success”!

Joe Stagliano

Hello Performance Partners!

Colocation deals are heating up like never before here in the Internap Channel. Our new pricing, which I know you’ll agree is VERY competitive, is allowing our Performance Partners to offer a premium product at a rate their clients love.

Selling on price is relatively easy but what about value? Understanding the Internap differentiators, namely high-power density, hybridization, and accelerated networking, will help you illustrate the level of value you are bringing clients and enable you to close more deals faster.

But what about probing questions? Pain points to start the discussion? A quick refresher on the terms commonly used in today’s colocation market? All of these pointers and more are available in our recently completed Colocation Training and Certification program which can be accessed 24/7/365 in the Internap Performance Partner Portal. Our training is short, yet packed full of valuable information. Why not start your morning tomorrow with a cup of coffee and 15-20 minutes high-powered learning? I believe this is the best way for you to leverage the great colocation pricing we now have in the Channel. If you are looking for any of our facility-specific Colo datasheets in the meantime, please find them here:

ACS  BSN  BSN003  DAL006  HOU  LAX014  SJE011  SJE014  SEF  SEF003  NYJ004
Happy Selling!


Joe Stagliano
Vice President, Global Channel Sales
Phone 917.301.7954


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