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Welcome to the June edition of our monthly Internap Partner Newsletter “Channeling Success”!

2015-01-21-patty-watkins-headshot-2649Performance Partners – My name is Patty Watkins and I’m thrilled to be supporting you as Internap’s new Vice President of Global Channel and Inside Sales. Having served in sales and business development leadership functions at a number of large IT infrastructure firms, I can fully appreciate the vital role channel partners play in a company’s overall success. At HP and most recently Avaya, we prioritized the channel because partners dramatically expanded our reach and deepened our connections to customers.

As you know, Joe Stagliano has done a terrific job of developing Internap’s Channel program over the past two years and is now working closely with East coast and select national Internap Performance Partners to bring even more business through the Channel. I want to thank Joe for all of his hard work leading the team and his continuing efforts to enhance and grow Internap’s channel business.

I’m also pleased to share that Tom Webster is our new Channel Sales Director of the West. Tom has successfully served in senior executive positions at both small and large organizations – including NCR Corporation, AT&T, Intel, and Teradata. He has functional leadership experience in sales, marketing, product management, product marketing, operations and channel sales. Tom has led several successful “high growth” efforts and has a solid track record of enabling sales, achieving business objectives and building channel teams. He’s a “roll-up-your-sleeves” kind of guy, and he’ll be a great asset to you in individual deals and to the channel in general.

When Internap’s new President and CEO Mike Ruffolo joined the company last month, he said “winning companies focus on the needs of customers and work hard to earn their trust and enduring loyalty.” Having known and worked for Mike before, I can tell you that this laser focus on engendering customer trust and loyalty hinges on you and our other Performance Partners. It follows that Performance Partners will enjoy a commitment to Channel like never before. Mike is passionate about leveraging the talents and relationships our skilled partners possess, and I know he’s eager to support us.

I trust that these exciting developments at Internap signal our ongoing commitment to you and our intention to leverage the channel to its fullest potential. This is an exciting time to be part of Internap’s Channel team!

Now, on to two announcements – one product and one promotion – that I believe will interest you this month.

MIRO Controller

What is MIRO Controller? Simply put, MIRO (which stands for Managed Internet Route Optimizer) Controller is an on-premise route-optimization appliance that makes the Internet work better. Partners, if you have a client that uses multiple carriers to support their high-capacity bandwidth needs, you’re going to want them to take a look at this solution. MIRO Controller will absolutely save them significant amounts of both time and money. Please contact any of the Channel Sales Directors today to set up a demo. Also, be on the lookout for a MIRO Controller Performance Partner Webinar in July for those interested in a deeper dive.

150 ALL Promo

Finally, I wanted to refocus your attention on the 150 ALL promotion we rolled out last month. I was floored when I joined Internap and saw that this was available to all of our Performance Partners! 150% MRC bonus on ANYTHING! That’s truly an incredible offer. Please do reach out if you have any new logo deal that will qualify. As a reminder, you can read the fine print here on the 150 ALL promo.

That’s it from me and I look forward to working with each of you and seeing as many of you as possible in the coming weeks and months!

Patty Watkins
Vice President, Global Channel and Inside Sales
Phone 408-930-7804


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