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Open Platform

Open Platform

AgileFILES cloud storage offering is based on OpenStack’s collection of published open-source code libraries.

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Internap is proud to be a corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation.


What is OpenStack?

OpenStack is a collaborative software project among several big players in the cloud computing space, designed to create freely available code, badly-needed standards, and common ground for the benefit of both cloud providers and cloud customers. OpenStack produces a ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform that meets the needs of both public cloud providers and enterprises deploying private clouds, regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable.


All of the code for OpenStack is freely available. Anyone can run it, build on it or submit changes back to the project. We strongly believe that an open development model is the only way to foster badly-needed cloud standards, remove the fear of proprietary lock-in for cloud customers and create a large ecosystem that spans cloud providers and enterprise deployments. 

Who is Supporting the OpenStack Project?

More than 5600 members representing the interests of 850 organizations have agreed to support the mission of OpenStack by providing architectural input, contributing code, and/or integrating it into their business offering. 

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

  • Addresses fear of vendor lock-in with proprietary stacks
  • Unites a robust ecosystem of tools around an open API and platform
  • Drives standards through ubiquity; accelerates adoption of cloud computing
  • Increases the speed of innovation in cloud technologies

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