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Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Enterprise private cloud with customized options for businesses looking to take the next step into the cloud.

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With higher levels of control inherent to an environment with dedicated resources, a Private Cloud platform can be ideal for enterprises working with multiple applications involving mission-critical workloads.

A private cloud solution can be a great fit for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendors that require an isolated environment for sensitive customer data as well as the ability to quickly add compute resources to meet variable end-user demand. Digital media and e-commerce companies, among many others, also benefit from deploying private cloud environments given their ability to provide both high performance and quick scaling.

The benefits of our Private Cloud solution

  • Improved performance within the cloud as well as to your end users
  • Integrated options to flexibly connect with other Internap platforms
  • Best-of-breed hardware solutions for your unique needs
  • Increased flexibility, improved efficiency and enhanced security
  • Dedicated, award-winning enterprise support team

Explore our Private Cloud solutions built on VMware®,

a leader in enterprise IT virtualization

  • Single-tenant options provide the benefits of virtualization without shared infrastructure
  • Multi-tenant options increase flexibility and delivers simplified management

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