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Bare-Metal Cloud

Bare-Metal Cloud

When virtual machines just don’t provide the performance you need, you need to get physical! Bare-metal cloud runs without the overhead of a hypervisor and eliminates resource contention inherent to multi-tenant environments. Moreover, bare metal can provide the extra processing power and highly-consistent disk and network I/O; ultimately providing the platform you need for your most demanding applications.

AgileFILES Object Storage

Advantages of Bare-Metal Cloud

  • Bare-Metal Performance. For workloads such as databases and calculation intensive applications, bare metal cloud offers dedicated processing resources of a physical server.

  • Security. Since the entire server is dedicated to you, risks of compromise in a multi-tenant environment due to other users’ security miscues are minimized.

  • Ease of Use and Control. Full control via our customer portal and API provides streamlined, simplified management as well as direct access to all Internap services and tools.

  • Instant Provisioning. Compute and storage can be added or reduced in minutes so you have the flexibility to quickly adjust to the capacity needs of your application.

  • Flexible Billing. Lets you pay only for what you use, so you don't pay for infrastructure that you aren't using.

By combining non-virtualized, physical resources with the service delivery and automation capabilities of the cloud, bare-metal cloud delivers the entire server’s computing power to your application, resulting in a superior performance-to-price ratio relative to some virtualized alternatives.

Sample Use Case

When you serve thousands of website visitors that upload images, video or audio files to a social site, you need to standardize file types. Many websites use transcoding software to transcode each uploaded file and produce consistent output for optimal viewing experiences. In this example, a high-traffic content site uses a separate set of upload servers to ensure that the primary site is uninterrupted. From there, they transfer the content to bare-metal cloud for immediate, high-powered transcoding services.

AgileCLOUD Diagram

Once the media files are transcoded, they are transferred to the main content site or CDN for website visitors to view the newly encoded files.

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