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Next Generation AgileCLOUD

Next Generation AgileCLOUD

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Our next-generation AgileCLOUD is 100% OpenStack under the hood and built on high performance cloud infrastructure. With both virtualized and bare-metal instance options, AgileCLOUD provides a highly scalable and flexible architecture to fit with your precise application needs. Not only does AgileCLOUD offer granular CPU and RAM choices for your instances, it also provides solid-state device (SSD) based local ephemeral storage as well as external network attached block storage with finely-grained quality of service elections. Open cloud technology, high performance, ultra-scalability and flexibility make our next-generation AgileCLOUD a powerful public cloud alternative for almost any application.

Next-Generation AgileCLOUD Beta Flavors

Name RAM Core Local Storage
HighCompute.1Core 1 GB 1 40 GB SSD
HighCompute.2Core 2 GB 2 80 GB SSD
HighCompute.4Core 4 GB 4 160 GB SSD
HighCompute.8Core 8 GB 8 320 GB SSD
Balanced.1Core 2 GB 1 None
Balanced.2Core 4 GB 2 None
Balanced.4Core 8 GB 4 None
Balanced.8Core 16 GB 8 None
Balanced.12Core 24 GB 12 None
Performance.1Core 4 GB 1 40 GB SSD
Performance.2Core 8 GB 2 80 GB SSD
Performance.4Core 16 GB 4 160 GB SSD
Performance.8Core 32 GB 8 320 GB SSD
HighMem.2Core 16 GB 2 80 GB SSD
HighMem.4Core 32 GB 4 160 GB SSD
HighMem.8Core 64 GB 8 320 GB SSD

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Advantages of Next Generation AgileCLOUD


  • Increased Scalability Provision and manage thousands of virtual and bare-metal cloud instances.
  • Improved Interoperability & No Vendor Lock-in Leverage native OpenStack API and third-party OpenStack tools to easily move workloads between on-premise and third-party OpenStack clouds without vendor lock-in.
  • Broad API and Portal Access Use the OpenStack API, Internap’s hosting API (hAPI) or our portal to manage your cloud environments.
  • Flexible Configurations Choose from more instance types and flexible configuration options to better fit cloud resources with specific application requirements.
  • Hybridization Layer 2 virtual LAN connectivity combines cloud, bare metal, colocation and managed hosting services into a highly-efficient, unified environment.
  • High Performance Storage with Guaranteed QoS Scale to an exact amount of IOPS without worrying about disk I/O performance and noisy neighbors by leveraging solid-state disks (SSD) within both local ephemeral storage and external network-attached block storage.
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