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With Internap’s wide array of service add-ons, you can tailor your hosting environment to match your precise needs. Or, work with one of our hosting Solution Design Engineers, and we’ll help you build the exact environment to meet your availability, performance and budget requirements.

From enterprise-grade storage and backup options to dedicated load balancers and scale out security solutions, Internap’s suite of hosting add-ons has been honed over a decade of delivering and supporting the largest web and enterprise applications to meet even the most demanding requirements.

Network Services

Managed Firewall – Firewalls provide strong perimeter security, but they also can provide the bull’s-eye for a concentrated attack. That’s why a firewall should never be treated as a “fix it and forget it” security solution. Firewalls require regular assessment, configuration and updates to be effective in the ever-increasing intrusion landscape. With Internap’s Managed Firewall, your applications are protected by industry-leading Stateful Packet Inspection, Intrusion Prevention, as well as optional real-time fingerprint threat detection and VPN services.

DNS Services – Internap guarantees its high-availability DNS services will always be available. Any measurable interruption in DNS service will result in a full credit on the entire monthly DNS charge, and unlike any other provider, any interruption in excess of 30 minutes will result in credits against IP services.

Managed Router Service – Internap’s Managed Router Service (MRS) provides your company with a complete router and IP transit solution, which includes installing, monitoring and managing your router. You can use an Internap-supplied Cisco router or your own router with designated minimum requirements. MRS customers receive individual circuit troubleshooting and support on all Internap-monitored circuits to allow for peak performance across routers.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) – Internap’s Enterprise Content Delivery Network upgrade offers everything from whole-site delivery to live streaming to any device plus robust analytics. Other CDNs serve up content “as is,” which means that the content creator is responsible for providing separate versions for streaming in each video format. At Internap, we do the heavy lifting by creating all the compatible files for each popular device, including iPhone and iPad, as well as streaming formats for Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight.

Security Services

Application Firewall – As an add-on to our Network Firewall solutions, Application Firewall services add deep packet inspection technology to ensure that confidential information remains safe all the way up to the web application layer. Whether you need to comply with specific compliance requirements (PCI-DSS, etc.) or just want a higher level of protection that includes content inspection, Internap can provide the security standard your hosting environment needs.

Log Management – Internap’s Log Management service compiles and summarizes security events from all of your devices, systems and applications into a single portal and management service. With Log Management solutions from Internap, our Security Operations Center can identify and assist you with mitigating potential security breaches or application faults with a complete audit trail. Useful for compliance burdens or corporate controls, Log Management is an essential component of any critical application environment.

Intrusion Detection – Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities and intrusions is a basic requirement for any enterprise with a web presence operating at scale. Internap’s intrusion detection solution uses patented, always-on algorithms and a 24/7 Security Operations Center for monitoring and remediation of threats to your critical application environments.

DDoS Mitigation – Truly effective Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation involves not only protecting all layers of a network but also identifying and stopping the delivery mechanisms. Regardless of your network resources and existing security infrastructure, Internap can help protect your business from DDoS attacks using leading-edge filtering and advanced routing techniques.

Patch Management – Internap’s systematic patch discovery and deployment services allow you to ensure compliance and mitigate the likelihood of security breaches related to application vulnerabilities.

Disaster Recovery Options

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Backups - When it comes to your data you don’t want to take any chances. Internap provides affordable, high performance disk-to-disk server backups for Linux and Windows operating systems. Based on the R1Soft CDP Enterprise software stack, Internap’s CDP backups provide incremental snapshots of your server data as often as every 15 minutes. Automatic email and web-based reporting tools ensure that you are in complete control of your data and can quickly initiate a restore of a single file, folder or entire server from any previous snapshot.

Offsite Backups – With Internap’s platform of owned and operated premium data centers, you can choose from a range of off-site storage sites to meet compliance requirements and further protect critical data from almost any disaster. Our off-site backup solution leverages the Enterprise Grade CommVault Simpana Software.

Application Failover – Critical applications require an availability and disaster recovery plan to seamlessly move loads to redundant infrastructure in the case of a failure. That’s why we offer failover services that combine our global footprint with services such as Global Server Load Balancing or Managed DNS to quickly and confidently ensure your application availability. Leverage our public cloud resources to dramatically reduce the cost of your DR footprint and ensure a proper failover plan.

Multi-Site Hosting – With over one million gross square feet of data center space and dedicated/cloud hosting services across three continents, Internap has an unrivaled offering to meet the demands of a global user base. Leverage multiple discreet data center or cloud footprints to direct end users to the best performing data center and dramatically improve performance.

Scalability Services

Local Load Balancing – Internap provides high availability load balancing solutions based on class-leading Riverbed Stingray technology, with extensive Layer 7 capabilities. With shared or dedicated solutions, Internap allows you to address a virtually limitless number of servers, broken up into as many pools as necessary.

Global Load Balancing – We also offer geography or round-robin based load balancing allowing for synchronization of server capacity across all of Internap’s locations.