Bare-Metal AgileSERVER

Get the performance of bare metal with the elasticity of cloud.

Powered by OpenStack®, AgileSERVER is designed for high-performance workloads. With more operations per second and more consistent networking, bare-metal AgileSERVER can reduce upfront and ongoing costs for data-intensive use cases.

AgileSERVER combines the performance of dedicated servers with the automation of cloud. Non-virtualized bare-metal servers eliminate resource contention and provide the full processing power of a dedicated server without the overhead of a hypervisor.

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Bare-Metal AgileSERVER - OpenStack PoweredBare-Metal AgileSERVER - OpenStack Powered
  • OpenStack-PoweredManage bare-metal instances through the OpenStack API or portal, and orchestrate entire stack deployments via Heat and Glance.
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  • Cloud ElasticityMeet changing capacity needs by provisioning AgileSERVER in minutes and managing instances via CLI, API or portal. Read Taptica case study.
  • Hybrid-ReadyMix and match bare metal with virtual cloud, colocation and other hosting environments via a common portal and API.
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  • Performance HardwareBare-metal servers with access to the latest generation of NVMe storage technology offer significantly higher IOPS for your most demanding applications. Learn more about NVMe.
  • Network SecurityEach account includes up to 10 VLANs and NIC bonding for improved network isolation, security and redundancy. View the data sheet.
  • Universal TransferUnique “single bucket” IP and CDN transfer improves performance and lowers cost by enabling bandwidth sharing across environments.
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Each account includes Internap’s global Content Delivery Network, IPv4 and IPv6 compatible route-optimized Performance IP bandwidth and rock-solid support.


Configuration Options

Available in a wide range of hourly and monthly server configurations, AgileSERVER allows you to pay for the infrastructure you need, when you need it. View all configurations and pricing options.
  • Single Processor AgileSERVER on OpenStack
  • Dual Processor AgileSERVER on OpenStack

How AgileSERVER works


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