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Intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions that deliver unmatched performance and platform flexibility

Managed Network Services

Today’s accelerated business demands make it essential to supply internal network access to remote audiences, including mobile employees, partners, global suppliers and even customers. Unfortunately, access points can also work as virtual entry points for those who might want to harm your company. Protecting your valuable information – while remaining nimble and responsive – requires expertise.

Don’t Play Fast & Loose With Your Network

Internap’s Managed Network Services actively address the security of your network. An industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a Network Operations Center (NOC) staffed by experts mean you can focus on your business while we keep you protected.

Managed Router Service

Internap’s Managed Router Service (MRS) provides your company with a complete router and IP transit solution, which includes installing, monitoring, and managing your router. You can use an Internap-supplied Cisco router or your own router with designated minimum requirements. MRS customers receive individual circuit troubleshooting and support on all Internap-monitored circuits to allow peak performance of their routers. It’s the perfect complement to our business Internet services and offers the ultimate in performance. MRS features the following:

  • 24/7 NOC support
  • Proactive IOS patching
  • Internap’s fully managed break-fix cycle with Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) covers it all, from diagnosis to resolution to tracking replacement shipments
  • SmartNet renewals for Internap-supplied equipment
  • Internap-supplied Cisco routers
  • Industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Managed Router Benefits

  • Reduces internal cost associated with network management
  • Fast, effective change management
  • Eliminates need to monitor vulnerability mailing lists or run additional scans
  • Reduces break-fix and trouble ticket cycle times
  • Access to the latest multi-layer switching (MLS) performance and features

Service Level Agreement

We back up our Managed Network Services, including our Managed Router Service, with an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA).