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Thought leadership and other content to provoke thought on the industry, trends we see and elicit feedback from readers and our customers

Too Much Console Gaming Doom and Gloom Too Much Console Gaming Doom and Gloom

A recent CNN article by Blake Snow, entitled “Why console gaming is dying” tried to investigate the reasons behind the current downward trend in both console hardware and game sales. According...

Is the Internet driving us mad?

Last week I started reading Newsweek’s article “Is the Web Driving Us Mad?” by Tony Dokoupil. Then I grabbed a cup of coffee, answered a few emails and sent a text message. Then, I remembered...

Pay it forward pays off

I had a completely unexpected experience at a toll booth recently. I pulled up to make change for my dollar bill but was refused by the attendant. Now, I’m thinking “what the…?” – well,...

What does success mean for you?

For this week’s mashup I “Googled,” Binged,” “[insert search engine here]” the phrase “what is success?” The first result on the page was obvious: the dictionary definition of...

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