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Content Delivery Network

Intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions that deliver unmatched performance and platform flexibility

Streaming Media Delivery Services

In a media-centric world, content is king and everyone is focused on content creation. However, the true value of content can only be measured when it is successfully accessed and consumed by its target audience.

For organizations using the Internet to reach customers, employees, shareholders, students or other well-defined target groups, a digital-content distribution strategy is key to success. If the content is video, users are geographically dispersed or the material is best consumed live, the issue of distribution is simultaneously more challenging and the selection of a solution more critical.

Internap’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides content creators with a robust infrastructure solution for online media distribution. Our CDN streaming media delivery services help customers focus on creation while we focus on delivery. We help our customers create the best experience for their users by:

  • Supporting multiple delivery modes — Live Delivery, Video-on-Demand, Linear Channel
  • Supporting multiple distribution formats such as Adobe Flash, including Dynamic Streaming; iDevice; Microsoft Silverlight and HTTP Streaming
  • Evolving to support enhancements like HD, DRM, Transcoding and Pay-Per-View
  • Providing strong support for analytics and support tools

Internap’s route-optimized CDN supports highly efficient, predictable, highly scalable and cost-effective delivery of rich media types including video. Our streaming media services focus on performance and we understand what it takes to keep your customers happy.

For more detail on how an Internap CDN can improve your target audience’s consumption of your media:

Our Solution

Route-optimized CDN which supports highly efficient, predictable, scalable and cost-effective live streaming services and delivery of rich-media including video.


  • Real-time distribution and guaranteed network availability
  • Enhanced user experience and greater satisfaction
  • Enhanced fidelity
  • Enhanced delivery – independent of geography
  • Better customer service due to your access to comprehensive analytics
  • Freedom to focus on content creation without a need for investment in delivery infrastructure or operations