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Intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions that deliver unmatched performance and platform flexibility

Mobile Streaming Delivery with TCP Acceleration

In the very near future, the majority of Web browsing will be done on mobile devices, and yet alarmingly few businesses are delivering satisfying mobile experiences. “Desktop thinking” just doesn’t work in the bandwidth-challenged mobile environment. It is estimated that mobile users will consume over 3+ million terabytes worth of video traffic on mobile devices by 2015.* If your customers aren’t already asking for content delivery on their phones or tablets, they will be soon. So what’s your edge?…Delivering accelerated, high-resolution, live and on-demand streaming with little to no lag time.

Internap’s Mobile Streaming Delivery service is completely integrated with our TCP acceleration technology, giving you unparalleled speed of delivery and a buffer-free experience across historically ‘high latency’ mobile networks. We dynamically adapt your video for playback on multiple target devices and provide a simple way to publish live and on-demand video or audio once and deliver it anywhere to any device. Additionally, the ease of use of Internap’s award winning MediaConsole® makes live publishing across an expanded number of platforms a snap.

Mobile Streaming Delivery Benefits:

  • Provides a ‘publish once – deliver to any device’ feature that simplifies content provider workflow
  • Uses integrated TCP acceleration technology to accelerate across routes with high latency and packet loss working with G3 and G4 networks, improving the quality of your mobile delivery
  • Supports mobile formats for a wide variety of devices including Apple iPhone, iPad, Flash, Android and Silverlight
  • Reduces storage costs of VOD assets since there is no pre-transcoding necessary and no need to store multiple versions of the same file for different formats

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*Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast & Methodology, 2010-2015