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Content Delivery Network

Intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions that deliver unmatched performance and platform flexibility

Software Delivery

For many companies, distribution is a complex business activity requiring a lot of physical resources combined with superior logistics and orchestration. With the emergence of online transportation networks and digital assets, the distribution problem is changing but logistics and orchestration are still key.

The delivery of software, patches, upgrades and other large files is perfectly suited to online distribution, but like physical distribution, it is important that you make the right vendor choice to assure efficient transport and delivery.

Internap’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) reduces the risk of poor seller and user experiences related to large file and software delivery. By combining a robust CDN with a strong suite of core functions and a route-optimized network to increase the overall performance, reliability, and resilience, Internap makes delivery of software and other large files secure and easy.

For gaming companies, application software companies and others with large files, the operational cost of delivery, patching and upgrades can be significantly reduced with a move to an online model. With Internap’s networkof strategically located service points, you can provide online services your customers anywhere in the world.

With Internap’s scalable CDN services, your ability to service demand scales as peak usage increases with no loss in quality – perfect for the next game launch, must-have upgrade or large scale patch distribution. With Internap you get predictable performance all the time every time.

Read our Content Delivery Network white paper. Hear how our CDN services were used to provide a low latency solution for one of our online video gaming customers.

Our Solution

A secure, highly-scalable and highly-flexible platform to support an online business model for software services and applications


  • On-demand access and lightning fast distribution of software applications and large files
  • Rapid deployment options
  • Geo-DNS capability which guarantees best download experience
  • Scale and capacity to manage a large and geographically dispersed customer base
  • Error-free delivery with tracking and confirmation of download activity
  • Support for application hosting