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Official OpenStack Powered LogoPowered by OpenStack, our next-generation AgileCLOUD is a massively scalable and cost-efficient public cloud platform designed to instantly meet the demands of large-scale, performance-intensive workloads.

Because applications can have unique performance needs, next-generation AgileCLOUD provides “out of the box” hybridization of both virtual and bare-metal cloud instances – meaning you can seamlessly weave virtual and bare-metal servers into your application environment quickly and easily; wherever it makes sense. For media-rich applications or highly variable workloads, deploying next-generation AgileCLOUD can be a great solution.

Secure Networking

Dedicated public and private VLANs ensure more secure traffic between your servers.


Improve application elasticity and performance by hybridizing bare-metal servers with your public cloud instances through our unified networking fabric.

Global CDN

Accelerate application performance with our integrated global content delivery network.

Powerful route optimization

Internap's patented Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ (MIRO) delivers lowest latency and highest availability for your hosted applications.

Universal Transfer

Unified bandwidth model pools usage across cloud, bare–metal servers and our global CDN.

Next-Generation AgileCLOUD

100% OpenStack under the hood and built on massively scalable, high-performance cloud infrastructure, Next-Generation AgileCLOUD is currently offered in two tiers.

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Bare-Metal Cloud

When virtual machines just don’t provide enough performance, you need to get physical!

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The OpenStack Edge

We believe in open source and we’re proud to have built our Next-Generation AgileCLOUD on the OpenStack Operating System. As active contributors to OpenStack ourselves, we know that transparency, independence, and a community of like-minded developers can make great software.

Continuous innovation ensures that the OpenStack operating system is constantly up to date and always rock solid. But more than that, OpenStack allows AgileCLOUD customers to participate in a community of thousands of developers, researchers, and corporations and gain access to extensive how-to resources and fully documented APIs.

So join us and join the OpenStack community. We’re only just getting started.

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