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Intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions that deliver unmatched performance and platform flexibility


Connecting across the many paths of the Internet can be a challenge, especially when trying to connect your infrastructure to multiple service providers. Distance, congestion and outages can slow down your data and impact your business operations. Interconnection minimizes the challenges of connecting to the outside, however the added headache involved with managing multiple services from disparate vendors is still present.  A single solution provider that can interconnect a suite of services under the same roof eliminates both issues and frees your business to focus on what you do best.

Connecting your business under one roof

Internap interconnection services provide a direct connection so no outside routes across the Internet are needed, eliminating latency associated with connecting across long distances. A suite of IT Infrastructure services and over 1,000,000 gross square feet of data center space across the globe means we can satisfy your requirements without leaving our facilities. We truly connect your business under one roof.

Interconnection through hybridization

Internap has always been committed to helping our customers find a faster way to conduct business on the Internet. Through a flexible offering of IT Infrastructure platforms, we take this commitment a step further. By creating an ecosystem of services like colocation, hosting, content delivery and cloud that are optimized to work together, we deliver a simplified version of interconnection. Now you can hybridize your IT environment utilizing solutions that seamlessly connect — with the added convenience of a single provider.

  • Interconnect your IT platforms within the same data center facility, avoiding the distances and slow downs caused by connecting to the Internet
  • Save on costs associated with interconnecting multiple service providers
  • Eliminate vendor management headaches with a hybrid solution from one provider
  • Take advantage of a suite of services engineered to interface flawlessly

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