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Managed Installation Services

Internap offers Managed Installation services (Rack and Stack) to all customers colocated in Internap facilities designed to provide them the ability to outsource full or partial installation of their gear in their new colocation environment. Internap colocation engineers are able to provide hands on support for cabling and the initial power up of the newly installed equipment. A scope of work detailing the install is required from the customer. Your Internap Technical Consultant can assist you in the development of the scope of work and any diagrams needed of the required environment.

Customer Requirements

In order to complete a Managed Installation, customers must provide Internap with the
following information:

  • Complete inventory of shipped equipment
  • Clear labeling of all equipment and cables for installation – Internap may provide cables at the customer’s request for an additional charge
  • Detailed descriptions and diagrams (in Visio form or hard copy) of requested equipment placement and cable configurations
  • Power-up procedures
  • Shelving and racking requirements
  • Customer contact information for technical support

Customer equipment should arrive at the Internap or partner facility no more than eight (8) business days before the assigned installation date. Equipment that arrives early may be subject to a storage charge. Supporting information must be emailed to the CPM no fewer than three (3) days before the scheduled installation and duplicates should be included.


If the customer detects a problem with equipment after the completion of a Managed Installation, and within 48 hours of the turn-up of Internap Internet connectivity, the Internap® Network Operations Center (NOC) should be notified. A trouble ticket will be opened by the NOC and a facility engineer will be dispatched to troubleshoot.

Troubleshooting will consist of double-checking all steps taken in the Managed Installation, and any Remote Hands or Technical Support services requested by the customer pursuant to troubleshooting the installation. If the equipment problem is a consequence of a failure by Internap or an Internap partner to properly carry out the Managed Installation services described above, there will be no charge for Internap or partner technician time. Otherwise, as in the case of customer supplied equipment failure, the cost of technician time will be billed as Remote Hands services.


For Managed Installation services of fewer than 10 cabinets or racks, Internap will typically schedule the work to begin within five (5) business days of the request. Engagements largert than 10 cabinets or racks or those that require a third party vendor may take additional time to schedule. Your implementation manager will coordinate a mutually agreed upon date for work to begin.


Internap reserves the right to bill any Managed Installation request that it believes to be
excessive on an hourly basis. Also, any work requested by the customer supplemental
or subsequent to Managed Installation completion will be billed as Remote Hands or
Technical Support services. Additional installation requests after the initial Managed
Installation will be billed as Technical Support services.

Service Description

  • Receiving, inventory and inspection of customer-shipped equipment
  • Notification in the event that shipped equipment is visibly damaged
  • Mounting of equipment on customer-designated rails or shelves
  • Connection of customer cables per customer instructions
  • Connection of equipment to facility power systems
  • Initial power-up of equipment
  • Notification of any equipment failures or problems detected
  • Notification that installation has been completed

Note: Does not include completion of Ethernet cross-connects to the Internap service point. Turn-up of Internap connectivity service will be scheduled as closely as possible to colocation installation.