High-Density, Scalable Power Data Centers

Our data centers feature high density power, allowing you to grow your deployed power up to 18kW per rack footprint − one of the highest densities in the industry.

Meet your increased power needs without having to move servers or expand your data center footprint. With high density power, you can maximize IT flexibility and application scalability to better address changing needs.

Benefits of data center power density include:

Hassle-free growth Avoid the complications involved with relocating, separating servers or paying for under-utilized space with high-density rack configurations powering equipment up to 18kW per cabinet.

Improved ROI With more options for growth and extended longevity, you can colocate more server and storage equipment in your existing footprints. You won’t have to pay for excess data center space and will require fewer cabinets to support growth.

Greater longevity Data center power density can extend the longevity of your equipment within the data center, and avoid any disruption that may come with retrofitting your data center deployment.

Reduced OPEX Expensive, slow and unreliable network connections between facilities, in addition to travel and lost time, can all be avoided when you choose a facility that allows you to easily grow over the long term.

Reduced CAPEX Don’t compromise your equipment to accept the limitations of a facility. Our data center’s power and cooling capabilities will help preserve equipment and decrease the chance of server and storage degradation over time.

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