Internap | Intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions that deliver unmatched performance and platform flexibility

Dedicated Hosting

Intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions that deliver unmatched performance and platform flexibility

Dedicated Hosting

Instantly-provisioned physical servers to power your applications

Provisioning a dedicated server is often a long, arduous process with high set up fees and an inflexible growth path. With AgileSERVERS, Internap’s dedicated servers, you can instantly provision popular configurations at any of our five global hosting data centers right from your phone, desktop or application (using our open Hosting API) and have the server up and running in minutes. Non-instant configurations with RAM, hard drives and processors to your specifications are configured in as little as two hours.

Internap’s dedicated servers combine the performance, configuration flexibility, customizability and reliability of a physical server hosting environment with the provisioning and billing flexibility of a cloud server.

The benefits of AgileSERVERS

  • High Performance Servers – Internap builds and supports the highest performing data centers, IP and content delivery networks in the world — our server platform is no different. With cutting edge processor configurations based on Intel’s Sandy Bridge and AMD Opteron chipsets, we support an array of storage, memory, network and compute options to power today’s web and business applications. All servers come with built in dual gigabit, fully burstable network interfaces, out-of-band support and a powerful support portal.
  • Zero Bureaucracy Support – Our support and sales teams are here when you need them. No excuses, just the help you need to keep your application running and your users happy. All dedicated server offerings come bundled with our Base-Managed services for expert phone, email and ticketing support powered by our 24/7 hosting operations centers in New York, Santa Clara and Singapore. Pro-Managed, Expert-Managed and Per Incident support options are also available, depending on your business needs.
  • API Access – Internap’s Hosting API (hAPI) exposes our infrastructure services via a RESTful application programming interface (API) with included clients in all popular programming languages. Using hAPI, you can deploy, manage and monitor your infrastructure or build these functions directly into your application, management tools or monitoring systems. With hAPI, you can gain seamless control of your physical and virtual hosting resources from within your existing applications.
  • Universal Transfer Pricing and Global CDN – Internap believes in open, transparent pricing. Our groundbreaking bandwidth billing model is the simplest in the industry. Your transfer can flow over our native content delivery network or over our Performance IP. Either way you receive the same transfer rate and commitment level across your entire infrastructure. Pricing automatically decreases as your volumes increase. And we don’t charge for inter-region or cross-server transfers like some providers.
  • Instant hybridization – Internap can instantly mix and match physical and virtual configurations via our API or integrated portal. No third parties, no waiting for cross-connections, just add services as you need them.

Configure your dedicated server now with our self-service portal. Or, contact us to create a customized configuration to meet your specific business requirements.