Dedicated Hosting

Faster and more powerful than your average server

Internap’s dedicated hosting offers monthly and hourly bare-metal servers that dedicate all their computing power on the needs of your workload, providing superior performance with less complexity and more predictable costs than many public cloud deployments.

Dedicated servers are available at 8 data centers around the world. Each account includes Internap’s global Content Delivery Network, IPv4 and IPv6 compatible route-optimized Performance IP bandwidth and rock-solid phone and email support.

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  • Predictable high performance
    Dedicated CPU, RAM and disk I/O of bare-metal servers lead to consistent performance and a robust computing platform for your data intensive applications.
  • Better price performance
    More operations per second and more consistent networking can allow you to save on upfront and on-going costs for data-intensive use cases.
  • Hybridized Platform
    Seamless integration with Internap’s cloud, managed hosting and colocation platforms provides a best-fit infrastructure for your application.
  • Universal transfer
    Unique “single bucket” IP and CDN transfer improves performance by allowing you to choose your delivery method and lowers cost by enabling bandwidth sharing across environments.
  • Bare-Metal Cloud
    When and where it makes sense, instantly deploy hourly bare-metal servers for cloud-like flexibility, to adapt to the demands of your workload.
  • Optimized Network
    Route-optimized technology delivers better availability and lower latency to end users.
Dedicated Hosting Locations

We’re strategically located to provide a global footprint with maximum support.


Internap Dedicated Hosting Locations


  • Single Processors

    • Intel® E3-1270v2
      8GB RAM
    • Starting at $239
    • Recommended for WEB, STO
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  • Dual Processors

    • 2X Intel® E5-2620V1
      16GB RAM
    • Starting at $399
    • Recommended for WEB
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