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Cloud hosting can pay dividends for small businesses

Many small businesses have limited IT departments, limited capital funds and a growing need to keep up with their larger competitors from an IT perspective. Cloud hosting solutions are emerging as a prime solution for this problem, giving smaller organizations access to technology that they would not be able to afford or manage without the help of third-party services.

According to a recent Business2Community report, cloud hosting provides organizations with a cost-effective way to store their data and scale IT to meet their operational needs. However, finding success with such a plan requires going into a cloud hosting agreement ready to ask the right questions.

Questions to consider when moving into the cloud
The news source said companies need to go into the cloud asking about security. A good cloud solution is often able to offer small businesses better security than they can achieve on their own, but there are a few simple pitfalls that organizations can avoid if they are upfront from the start. Within this area of focus, companies should ask their cloud vendor how they will be contacted about any service issues or problems related to private data. For example, if a business knows that the provider will not request private data through email, it can avoid falling prey to phishing scams. Companies should also be sure that the vendor is using encryption and is flexible enough to meet any organization-specific security needs.

Small businesses considering cloud providers should also ask them about their plans for expansion, the report explained. While some strategies are confidential, and with good reason, cloud hosting offers scalability as one of its primary benefits. Knowing that the vendor will be able to offer enough room for the hardware necessary to expand is vital to finding success with the technology. As a result, companies need to look past basic issues, like cost, and consider more nuanced facets of the vendor they select for cloud hosting, including its ability to support growth.

Making the most of cloud hosting
Selecting the right cloud hosting vendor can make a big difference for businesses. While plenty of partnerships can lead to some measure of success, the right match can create major productivity, cost, security and scalability gains. Furthermore, the cost models surrounding cloud hosting provide organizations with an ideal avenue for innovation, giving them an opportunity to gain an edge over the competition.