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Colocation requirements moving beyond standard issue needs

For the most part, companies considering housing data in colocation facilities evaluate such issues as security, reliability, cost and capacity. While all of these standard-issue considerations that go into selecting a colocation provider are important, organizations increasingly have to take new criteria into account, SwitchScribe reported.

IT changes leading to shift in colocation needs
In the past, IT was a fairly static matter in which companies often made purchasing decisions for products that would last for years and focused on buying hardware and building data centers to support operations. While the hardware and data centers are still prevalent, the purchasing focus is increasingly on services, not the specific infrastructure, the report explained. Because of this, the way that companies implement colocation strategies or use other data center hosting services is set to change.

As more organizations face new challenges based on shifting IT operational models, they have to consider new ways to look at colocation vendors when selecting a hosting plan.

Key attributes for colocation providers
One of the most important considerations for a colocation provider is network connectivity, the news source explained. With the rise of service-based operational models, there is a growing need for bandwidth to support data delivery to end users. Network considerations have long played a role in colocation plans, but the focus has often been on ensuring that colocation providers have access to the telecom network that a business needs. With performance demands rising quickly and these capacity costs becoming a key part of the total cost of ownership, organizations have to evaluate the capabilities of the colocation provider's network when selecting their service plan.

Future proofing is another key consideration. The report said that organizations have to consider whether or not the colocation provider will be able to scale or adjust to changing needs over time. Having room to scale is an especially important consideration as it enables companies to simplify their data center management and support processes by keeping their IT setup in a single facility over time.

Choosing a colocation provider can be a difficult process, but companies that select the right vendor for their needs can experience considerable gains from the process. This is especially true as more vendors target their offerings to the specific needs of certain industries, putting businesses in a position where finding the right match can simplify many aspects of IT functionality.