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Dedicated hosting offers power for data-hungry websites

Selecting a managed hosting solution can present some challenges as organizations have to match the hosting service’s capabilities to their operational needs. While this can present difficulties, especially for companies with a diverse range of web needs, the differences between various service plans is such that there is some clear differentiation in the market. Dedicated hosting, in particular, stands out because it offers businesses a powerful and secure hosting model that stands apart from the pack. A recent PC Pro report identified dedicated hosting as an ideal model for organizations that need control and power.

Dedicated hosting usage options
As the name implies, dedicated hosting gives organizations access to their own physical server that they take ownership of and host in a robust third-party facility. The news source explained that this gives businesses a high level of customization that goes all the way down to the server control panel and allows them to fine tune every aspect of the solution. This is an integral capability because dedicated hosting comes at a cost that dictates it is used by companies that need a powerful web presence.

The report said that dedicated hosting is almost always the most costly managed hosting model, but it also provides functionality that cannot be matched. Perhaps most importantly, any organization trying to host an application on the web will need a dedicated plan to provide the server resources and customization necessary to adequately support operations. While companies hosting apps on the web may need dedicated hosting, many online retailers and similar corporations will also need such a powerful option.

According to the news source, the average online store can probably get by with a shared hosting model, but any larger operation or organization that needs an especially secure or specialized online storefront will likely need the customization, security and server resources offered by a dedicated solution.

Making the most of dedicated hosting
While turning to a dedicated hosting solution is widely regarded as a highly customizable and powerful hosting model, not all solutions are created equal. Different vendors have distinct capabilities that differentiate their dedicated hosting plans. Organizations hoping to maximize their dedicated hosting plans should also consider the network services, security capabilities and management solutions made available by the service provider. Evaluating the vendor’s data center for reliability and availability should also be part of establishing a dedicated hosting plan, as it gives companies a chance to ensure the vendor can meet various service promises.