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Intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions that deliver unmatched performance and platform flexibility

Keep cost and performance in balance to get the most from the cloud

Balancing performance and cost is essential in the cloud.

Cloud servers can be leased in moments, giving organizations the freedom to quickly and easily add capacity and performance punch to their IT projects. However, this flexibility comes with a caveat — organizations that are too cavalier with their cloud investments can end up facing major fiscal challenges. Finding success with the cloud is often an intricate balancing act in which IT leaders must keep performance and cost in line with one another.

Finding success with this balancing act can prove particularly challenging, especially as many businesses begin facing challenges like cloud sprawl and big data, both of which create performance and cost challenges that IT managers must grapple with. There are a few ways to handle cost and performance issues effectively:

Introduce governance plans
One of the major cost challenges facing businesses using the cloud is the subscription methods. Many companies allow business managers to subscribe to new applications and services with little or no oversight. Before long, these strategies lead to large bills and create budget strain. Introducing governance programs in which IT leaders provide strategic and purchasing guidance can help organizations get the performance they need while controlling costs.

Sometimes, developing a self-service catalog can help IT managers establish a framework for cloud subscriptions that meets performance needs but controls costs.

Scale with care
The ability to add capacity to cloud hosting plans can deliver major performance gains on projects that need more storage space or compute power. While this scalability can be invaluable when organizations are working on some projects, the cost can also add up quickly if companies are not careful about how they manage their cloud resources. Scaling with care is vital to keep costs and performance properly balanced to ensure companies get the most value possible out of the cloud.

Consider the bare-metal cloud
Adding capacity in the cloud is not always the best way to improve performance. Instead, many organizations benefit substantially from bare-metal cloud plans. The technology significantly reduces latency in the cloud, making it ideal for data-rich applications and special projects that require high-performance functionality. Furthermore, the bare-metal cloud accomplishes this through methods similar to dedicated hosting, making it a cost-efficient model.

In the cloud world, companies get what they pay for. Sometimes, finding the best value is not about spending less, but achieving cost efficiency by getting the right amount of performance for the amount of money being spent. Focusing on fiscal efficiency can play a key role in helping organizations balance cost and performance in the cloud.