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Intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions that deliver unmatched performance and platform flexibility

Keeping your head, even when it’s in the cloud

IT professionals have a lot of operational and technical issues to deal with these days, as the possibilities of greater efficiency and more effective infrastructure systems demand a high degree of preparation and adjustment.

Everything from cloud-based IT Infrastructure services to the rapidly growing use of smartphones and tablets in the workplace is putting tech workers in an adapt-or-die position. Fortunately, Datacenter Journal recently reported, there are a few ways for them to keep pace with these changes.

While it's important for businesses to move to a single process management system, it doesn't have to be accomplished all at once, the publication said.

"For instance, it may start with release management processes or core ITIL processes such as incident, problem and change management. In all cases, the ops orchestration system should enable lean operations. That means it should support pull tickets and provide a visual management system of queue sizes at each stage of operational value chains," according to the news source.

Another important way businesses can respond to the demands of the rapidly changing IT world is to bring demand management into a unified system with operations and development, Datacenter Journal reported. Ideally, this will provide a robust option for handling highly variable resource usage levels and offer a web-based portal for monitoring demand.

Underlying both of the above considerations is the need for a better degree of automation in provisioning, the publication added. Sys admin work that is both time-sensitive and repetitive should be transferred to an automated framework as quickly as possible, in order to free up work hours and allow personnel to focus on more important tasks.

Better organization and a unified approach to IT that encompasses both development and operations is a central theme of improving effectiveness, according to the news source. Service management, release timing and a generally high level of planning and orchestration should help tech workers cope with the demanding tasks they are faced with.

Specialized IT Infrastructure solutions, experts say, are also a key part of handling new IT demands. From managed hosting to outsourced mobile monitoring and security, there are technological innovations available to companies that want to simplify the management of new platforms and software and amplify their beneficial effects.