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Reliability gives managed hosting vendors edge, report says

Managed hosting has become a fairly pervasive strategy for many organizations, as subscribing to such a service enables companies to host their web presence in a third-party data center that can offer cost and capability benefits that are difficult to obtain internally. However, industry conditions are such that companies have to carefully evaluate vendors for reliability, The Host Review reported.

Understanding reliability issues
Companies can expect access to reliable hosting systems when they adopt a managed hosting system. The technology itself can be incredibly reliable and has few inherent faults that put organizations at risk. However, the extent to which a hosting plan is or is not reliable hinges largely on the quality of the vendor chosen. According to the news source, this can be somewhat problematic because standards and auditing bodies within the industry do not all make full redundancy a necessary criterion for hosting providers.

The report said that redundancy is an important consideration in the hosting industry. In particular, companies should focus on moving beyond a single-unit component setup and develop backup systems that provide an added layer of reliability to services. While it is impossible to guarantee 100 percent uptime, many vendors can get close by backing up power systems and other key infrastructure.

However, such practices are not always common in the managed hosting sector. The news source explained that backup systems often lead to higher costs, creating a dynamic in which vendors striving to offer the lowest possible prices sometimes sacrifice redundancy. This leaves many businesses with a web setup that is more fragile and prone to downtime than it should be. With backups in place, on the other hand, the chances of downtime decrease substantially.

Choosing the right vendor
When selecting a managed hosting vendor, companies can generally trust evaluations from auditing bodies and other third parties. However, organizations have to understand what these groups look for and the limitations involved in the process. In many cases, it is best to also take a tour of the data center where systems will be hosted and look at the setup. This often provides the best insight into the facility's reliability and efficiency. Furthermore, it also allows a business to see if the various promises made by the managed hosting vendor are reflected in day-to-day operations, an invaluable insight.