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SDNs gaining prominence among managed hosting vendors

Network performance can play a major role in managed hosting plans.

Software-defined network (SDN) solutions have been gaining prominence in a variety of data center sectors. As the technology continues to rise, many experts believe it could provide a path to better network performance in a wide range of settings.

Understanding SDN usage models
SDNs offer organizations major network performance benefits because it applies the virtualization infrastructure that many companies are using in servers and storage arrays and applies it to the network. This represents an important step forward for many networks.

When servers and storage arrays are virtualized, they are divided into multiple virtual machines, but the physical server still only has the single network port it was designed with. As a result, the bandwidth of multiple VMs has to travel through a single network port. This can severely limit performance and lead to bottlenecks in the setup. The SDN virtualizes the network resources so the system can function just as flexibly and effectively as the virtual server systems.

The SDN is gaining prominence among managed hosting providers. According to a recent GigaOm report, managed hosting providers have emerged as one of the most prominent markets for SDN deployment. The technology is also beginning to gain a strong presence in enterprise data centers.

SDNs in managed hosting
The issue of whether or not to adopt SDNs for managed hosting is primarily a vendor concern, but the fact that the sector is among the leaders in deploying the technology is an important trend. Organizations considering investments in managed hosting can learn a lot just by understanding that SDNs are becoming important to managed hosting. This knowledge provides key insight into just how important networking is in the sector. 

Managed hosting performance is based almost entirely on the network. The type of service plan will dictate the general range of performance that a company can expect to get from the strategy, but the network will dictate whether or not the solution meets expectations. Network capabilities can have a major impact on managed hosting systems because data has to travel from the host server, through the provider's core network, into an access system and out to end users. Web acceleration, content delivery networks and other advanced solutions can go a long way toward helping businesses maximize the value of their managed hosting investments. Data center operators who can offer sophisticated network systems can ensure solid performance and reliable managed hosting functionality.