Internap | Intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions that deliver unmatched performance and platform flexibility

Managed Hosting

Intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions that deliver unmatched performance and platform flexibility

Managed Hosting

In a managed hosting environment, the service provider owns and is responsible for the data center, network, devices, operating system and application infrastructure components, providing a stable operating environment for your applications.

Managed Hosting Solutions

Maintaining performance and availability can be a heavy burden for any IT organization, especially with today’s staff, budget and compliance challenges. At Internap, we will work with you to structure a managed hosting solution that is best-suited for your specific IT needs. Our hands-on approach will help free your IT organization from mundane procurement, configuration, deployment and monitoring tasks and allow your organization more time to address the issues that drive the most value. We will deliver a breadth of managed hosting infrastructure options and support levels that you just won’t find elsewhere.

Key Benefits of Internap Managed Hosting Services

Our managed hosting service is based on performance, flexibility and support that your business-critical applications require.

  • Performance – Our patented Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ (MIRO) technology and Performance IP™ connects your hosted applications to your end users with unmatched performance and reliability. And in contrast to some hosting vendors, we can tailor our managed hosting environments for low latency and high availability by employing dedicated or customized storage, network and compute elements.
  • Flexibility – Unlike other providers who may only offer pre-packaged options, our managed hosting solutions address each unique challenge. By leveraging our broad suite of IT Infrastructure services, including public and private cloud and our route-optimized Content Delivery Network (CDN), Internap gives you complete platform flexibility for your needs today and beyond.
  • Support – Whether it is supporting a small dedicated server platform for a single project or managing a large-scale virtualized environment, you can trust us to meet your IT Infrastructure needs. Our Managed Services Operations Center operates as an extension of your internal support organization, with our certified engineers working for you around the clock, every day of the year.
  • “Ground-up” infrastructure knowledge – Because we design and build our own premium data centers, we know everything about your hosting environment from the ground-up. That means better reliability, quicker problem resolution and more peace of mind. Our enterprise-class hardware and fully-redundant data centers employ a multi-layered security approach and provide SOC 2 Type II compliant processes.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed Storage: Our Managed Storage solutions offer you access to on-demand, worry-free storage with no up-front investment and no need for dedicated expert resources. These scalable solutions include enterprise-grade Direct Attached Storage, Network Attached Storage and Storage Area Network products, based on your business needs.

Virtual Private Management Gateway (VPMG): Our premium MSOC leverages a Virtual Private Management Gateway (VPMG), allowing remote monitoring and direct access to customer solutions. The VPMG encrypts and authenticates all remote connections to customer environments and records all activity performed for later playback or auditing.

Managed Data Protection: Our Managed Data Protection solution gives you the comfort of knowing that the integrity of your digital assets is maintained. We manage data protection and remove the worry of managing backups, with no prepaid storage allocation or overages, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Private and Public Cloud: Our private cloud solutions, built on VMware®, provide the flexibility, efficiency and scalability of cloud computing in a dedicated, secure environment. Create your own virtualized environment on your dedicated infrastructure and leverage the benefits of cloud without the security and performance concerns of being on a shared platform with other users. Our Cloud Storage solution offers unlimited storage capacity, on-demand access and utility billing, giving you the flexibility you need to do business your way.

Private Network Access Points (P-NAP): Our managed hosting facilities offer access to most major backbone carriers via our P-NAP architecture. Since access to the multiple top-tier carriers is inherent to our data centers’ design, full redundancy and robust network uptime service level agreements are supported.

Additional Services: We offer additional performance technologies and solutions, including multi-carrier route optimization and our TCP-accelerated CDN. These services provide you with the very best in acceleration and content delivery technology performing over our highly available, high-performance network infrastructure. These technologies overcome the distance limitations of the Internet and associated latency. We also offer managed load balancers, managed firewalls, security services such as intrusion protection and attack mitigation services, and a range of virtualization options.