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Managed Hosting

Intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions that deliver unmatched performance and platform flexibility

Hybrid Managed Hosting

What is Managed Hybrid Hosting?

Hybrid hosting leverages the best features of multiple IT Infrastructure services such as colocation, managed hosting and cloud into a single optimized and connected IT environment to support your multi-tiered web applications. By linking these services with Layer 2 connectivity, you can create a customized, private network tuned to deliver the highest levels of performance and flexibility for your business-critical application. Best of all, hybrid hosting reduces cost and complexity through a single IT Infrastructure partner.

Why choose a Managed Hybrid Hosting solution?

Hybrid hosting makes the complex simple as you can create your own custom private network within your hosting provider’s facilities. Hybrid hosting’s flexibility allows you to optimize your applications for maximum performance by aligning each application tier or workload with the IT Infrastructure service that best supports its unique requirements, thereby increasing overall productivity and cost savings for your business. By aligning with one IT Infrastructure partner to support your hybrid hosting needs, you gain the additional benefit of a single monthly invoice and a single customer support team that understands your complete application environment.

Key Benefits of Internap’s Hybrid Hosting

  • Maximum performance by distributing workloads to the optimal environment
  • Capital and operating expense efficiency
  • Seamless integration across application tiers without costly modifications
  • One application environment, one support contact and one invoice

Managed Hybrid Hosting Use Case

Hybrid hosting is ideal for businesses that have one or more tiered applications requiring some combination of cloud, managed hosting or colocation to run efficiently. For example, large relational databases are often optimized on non-virtualized dedicated gear, while stateless web applications and log processing demands are frequently hosted in a public cloud because of its rapid scalability. Internap’s ability to combine Layer 2 Virtual LAN connectivity and sophisticated management tools unify disparate infrastructure platforms into a highly-efficient, operating environment.