MIRO Controller

Internap’s Managed Internet Route Optimizer Controller is an intelligent route-optimization appliance that continually measures and manages the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) of your multi-homed network for latency, packet loss, route stability and congestion.

MIRO Controller leverages our patented MIRO technology to automatically select the best-performing, highest availability path at all times and ensure optimal application performance and availability. MIRO is used to manage Internap’s own terabit per second Performance IP service across 80 global network access points and 16 data centers.

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Improve network performance and availability

  • Use MIRO technology to proactively identify and choose the best-performing path for your traffic at all times.
  • Improve end-user satisfaction.

Manage costs and ISP commit levels

  • Manage ISP commit levels to generate savings without compromising application performance.
  • Accurately allocate IT costs across your organization based on application and bandwidth use.


Increase visibility and troubleshooting control

  • Generate and analyze comprehensive reports on network traffic, performance and cost across all carriers.
  • Communicate network performance and utilization across stakeholders.

Manage IP network issues

  • Identify problems in your multi-homed network within minutes, and implement real-time changes based on that knowledge.
  • Manage outages, blackouts, brownouts and slowdowns that can impact revenue and productivity.
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