Benchmarking NoSQL Database on Bare Metal versus Public Cloud

In this report, Cloud Spectator benchmark tests validate the price-performance advantages of running big data workloads in bare-metal environments.

The ability to quickly and cost-effectively manage large amounts of data is critical for companies delivering applications over the Internet. Many organizations use NoSQL for big data as it provides a scalable system to store, retrieve and analyze big data; however, in a virtualized public cloud environment, performance can suffer as a result of multitenancy and processing overhead created by the introduction of a hypervisor layer. Bare-metal environments eliminate these issues by providing a physical server dedicated to a single user without a hypervisor layer.

Download the report to learn the benefits of running big data workloads on Aerospike’s NoSQL databases and Internap’s bare-metal servers:

  • Higher throughput
  • Better price-performance
  • Lower latency
  • Significant cost savings