Online Gaming Infrastructure Trends

Watch to learn how online gaming companies are optimizing IT environments.

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Online Gaming Infrastructure Trends

In an economic environment where many industries are struggling to grow, the online gaming sector is soaring. With ever increasing in-game functionality, as well as the rapid rise of new game genres, business models, and distribution venues, new consumers are flocking to well-made titles. How are IT infrastructure providers keeping up with game developers’ publishers’ and distributors’ brisk pace of innovation?

Join our panel of gaming IT infrastructure experts as they discuss trends in the industry and optimization of online gaming environments. Attendees in gaming or other rapidly-changing industries alike trying to maximize their IT infrastructure will benefit from hearing these success stories.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Cloud games: Is gaming in the cloud ready for prime time?
  • Key configurations: What are the best environments for different game types?
  • Game delivery: How does the impact of mobile and tablets change how games are consumed?
  • How to move up a level: What infrastructure trends have been high scorers? What were game overs?