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INAP’s premium data centers in Seattle offer high-density power and high efficiency cooling options, while advanced security and protection features ensure your data is secure 100% of the time. Services include:

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Seattle Data Center Features

Open-IX Certified Data Center
Open-IX Certified
Open-IX is a self-regulated community that fosters the development of critical Data Center and IXP technical and operating standards.

High power density
Upgrade in place with modular UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) units and high-efficiency cooling solutions to enable power configurations of up to 12kW per rack.

Cloud connectivity – download datasheet
INAP’s CloudConnection can directly connect your colocation footprint to other cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and others.

Energy-efficient design
The Seattle data centers’ energy-efficient design elements include variable frequency drives on chillers and pumps and cold aisle/hot aisle containment zones.

More than just an N+1, our infrastructure is designed for concurrent maintainability of generator, UPS and cooling modules to maximize the uptime of your environment.

Carrier diversity
Our Seattle facilities offer a robust carrier-neutral Meet-Me-Room, including alternative transit and local access options, as well as INAP’s Performance IP™ with optimized links up to 10GB through more than 10 top-tier carriers.

Customer amenities
The Seattle data centers feature fully equipped office space and technical workspace, plus a full-service lounge with DIRECTV, Xbox and multiple vending options for snacks and beverages.

For complete technical specifications, please download the Seattle Data Center datasheet or the Tukwila, WA Data Center datasheet.

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