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Enterprise IP

Intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions that deliver unmatched performance and platform flexibility

Application Acceleration with Performance IP

For a high-transaction business, network performance issues can have a tangible financial impact to the bottom line. Since high speed is so important to the online customer, a delay of even a few milliseconds can have a direct impact on customer loyalty and revenue.

A Different Breed of Connectivity

Expanding your network infrastructure or contracting with multiple high speed Internet access providers adds complexity, diverts resources from your primary business and comes with a huge price tag. Internap has application acceleration solutions that can ensure fast, reliable connectivity at competitive price levels.

The simplest, most powerful solution is Internap’s Performance IP™ service, incorporating our patented intelligent routing and Internet latency solution, Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ (MIRO). MIRO continually connects to the fastest available route across the Internet, fulfilling Internap’s promise of delivering the best possible network connection every second of every minute.

How it Works

Performance IP service is fully-redundant connectivity that incorporates intelligent route-control technology – a powerful combination that you won’t find anywhere else in the industry. It includes:

  • A redundant Private Network Access Point (P-NAP®) architecture is the foundation. It offers you access to multiple Network Service Providers (NSP) in a single P-NAP, delivering the strength of up to 11 major bandwidth suppliers.
  • Our patented MIRO technology dynamically evaluates critical performance factors to select the best route to any given destination among the many possible paths.
  • A failsafe network that includes end-to-end N+1 redundancy starting with the customer handoff and running all the way to our core routers. Our data centers are designed for business continuity and application acceleration, so you won’t skip a beat.

Where Others Are Stymied by BGP

This bulletproof approach addresses the deficiencies inherent in Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). Since we’re always using the fastest, most reliable path, Internap outperforms any single high-speed Internet access provider.

Business Benefits

Performance IP allows your business to:

  • Count on predictable IT costs – even during periods of growth
  • Minimize time and money spent on troubleshooting connectivity issues and dealing with multiple providers
  • Build customer loyalty and satisfaction by delivering consistent service
  • Take advantage of Internap’s rich destination and geographic metrics and analytics

Port and Access Point Options

We offer a number of alternatives so that no matter what your proximity, platform and bandwidth needs, you can take advantage of Performance IP.

Configuration options include:

  • Leased lines
  • Metropolitan Access Networks (MANs)
  • Data center cross-connects for larger demands

Premise-based Speed

Our premise-based solution, Flow Control Platform™ (FCP), outperforms traditional BGP. Learn more about our enterprise network services with FCP.