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Flow Control Platform

Flow Control Platform (FCP) Intelligent Route Optimization Appliance


Clarity. Control. Confidence.

Flow Control Platform™ (FCP) appliance is an alternative to our Internap Performance IP™ route optimization service, designed for businesses that have already established their own multi-homed network architectures.

Visibility into Your Network and the Power to Act

The Internap FCP takes your multi-homed environment to the next level by continually monitoring your network end-to-end for latency, packet loss, route stability and congestion. Our solution automatically reroutes traffic to guarantee performance levels for your critical applications. The result – easier troubleshooting, improved network performance and intelligent traffic management across multiple provider links.

FCP can help identify why your Internet-based applications aren’t performing to users’ expectations and help route around outages and network issues that can cripple your business or damage your brand. FCP goes beyond mere traffic analysis by delivering meaningful metrics and reports you can use to understand your network’s current state and implement real-time changes based on that knowledge.

How the Flow Control Platform Works

Most networks rely on Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to determine how to route data. BGP uses a single criterion – number of hops – to choose a path. BGP-based networking has no insight into the value of data you’re sending. By acting as an end-to-end load balancing solution, FCP lets you avoid up-to-the-minute variations of BGP. The FCP solution offers unparalleled visibility into your multi-homed network architecture with extensive analysis, management and reporting functions.

FCP’s power comes from its ability to:

  • Analyze IP network-bound traffic in real-time.
  • Identify which networks your applications utilize by measuring round-trip times as well as bandwidth usage.
  • Employ patent-pending algorithms to optimize all traffic for cost and performance simultaneously.

Flexible Solutions

Our FCP solutions are offered in the following models to best serve businesses with their existing or planned multi-homed networks. Solutions are scalable and you pay only for the capacity you need.

  • Model FCP-GigE: The FCP-GigE appliance scales from 1Gbps to 4Gbps depending on your needs and is designed for smaller locations that require complete cost and performance optimization along with Internet visibility.
  • Model FCR-GigE: The Flow Control Remote (FCR) appliance works in tandem with the FCP-GigE appliance to provide additional scalability up to 4Gbps per FCR unit.
  • Model FCP-10GigE:The FCP-10GigE appliance scales from 10Gbps to 20Gbps and is designed for enterprises and content providers with significant bandwidth usage and growth projections.
  • Model FCR-10GigE: The FCR appliance works in tandem with the FCP-10GigE appliance to provide additional scalability up to 20Gbps per FCR unit.

FCP Benefits

Significantly improve the performance and availability of your multi-homed network architecture:

  • Measure the end-to-end performance of your applications across the Internet
  • Generate and analyze reports on network performance and cost
  • Analyze problems when they occur and manage your service providers to their SLAs
  • Automatically route traffic around major network outages or based on cost savings for key applications
  • Progressively manage IP network issues such as outages, black holes, brownouts and slowdowns that can ultimately impact revenue and productivity.
  • Select the best-performing path for your traffic at all times
  • Ultimately improve customer satisfaction