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Content Delivery Network

Intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions that deliver unmatched performance and platform flexibility

CDN Portal

Publish once…deliver anywhere to any device

Efficient management of content assets has become difficult with the mushrooming number of media files, formats and protocols. Our recently redesigned CDN Portal acts as your Content Delivery Network command center. A user-friendly interface design allows uploading, managing and delivering all of your media formats through the use of a single, easy-to-navigate system. In addition to fully integrated transmuxing support for video delivery to iPhone and Android-enabled devices, the portal provides robust analytics and sophisticated reporting tools that will turn audience data and usage into actionable information and reports all from a dashboard.

Comprehensive Reporting – multiple reporting gives you insight into your audience



  • View, analyze account usage data quickly and easily
  • Rank, trend, track file popularity

At-a-glance Assessments – a redesigned dashboard provides a view of content vitals and quick access to common commands

Configuration Management

  • Upload, move, copy, rename, delete and purge content with a click of button
  • Configure origin pull rules with support for http, flash streaming and windows media streaming
  • Manage large bodies of content file using built-in search and meta tagging

Transcoding Platform

  • Create and reuse encoding profiles for quick encoding and consistent results
  • Transcode from any format to Flash, Silverlight and for mobile delivery
  • Support single and adaptive bit rate streaming outputs


  • SSL Support – Use our shared certificate or use your own SSL certificate
  • Geo Fencing (restrict access to hosted content by country or other geographic filter)
  • Token Based Authentication

Simplified Navigation – intuitive tabular interface accelerates internal adoption and streamlines ongoing management of your content

Streaming & Mobile Delivery

  • Manage live and on demand streams with full HA support for live flash stream ingest
  • Provision live publishing points in second, and available for viewing instantly
  • Publish a single live stream to Flash RTMP, Flash HDS, iSO HSL and Silverlight with Origin Pull support for Flash and Windows Media

Our Enterprise Portal provides additional flexibility and functionality for resellers or higher-volume delivery requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Live and VOD delivery for HLS/IOS for apple devices
  • Live and VOD delivery to Android devices using Adobe Dynamite Streaming
  • Live and VOD delivery using smooth Streaming (Silverlight)
  • Integrated Reporting