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Today: You’ve outgrown your IT Infrastructure, but you don’t have the space, capital or staff to efficiently expand. You’re faced with massive amounts of data growth, unstable application performance and an infrastructure that just won’t scale.

Tomorrow: You have the space, power and systems to grow your IT Infrastructure at the speed you grow your business.

Colocation is ideal for enterprises that need to maintain flexibility, reduce risk and stabilize capital and operating expenses. That’s why 64% of organizations engage in some form of data center colocation services, according to Focus Research Group.

Key benefits of colocation

  • Improved reliability & availability through redundant infrastructure backed by service level agreements
  • Increased efficiency & performance through purpose-built design (e.g., raised floor, temperature monitors and controls, etc.)
  • Reduced costs relative to building your own data center
  • Rapid scalability to add more physical space or increase densities as needed
  • Risk mitigation through on-site security, video surveillance and other measures
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements validated by third-party auditing

Internap Performance Colocation

Select from our global footprint of high-performance, metro-based data centers and focus on your core competencies while our experts get you up and running in no time. Take advantage of shared power infrastructure, HVAC systems, physical security and redundant architecture while maintaining ownership and control of your IT assets, allowing you to expand quickly – conserving capital and bypassing the time it takes to design and construct a new data center.

The Internap Difference

We know that choosing a colocation provider is a strategic business decision that typically involves a multi-year partnership. Built with scalability in mind, our carrier-neutral, SOC2 Type II data centers feature high-density power, concurrently maintainable N+1 architecture and robust connectivity options, offering you flexible deployment configurations with room to grow.

With award-winning customer service provided by trained engineers and a 100% uptime service level agreement, we go above and beyond by proactively monitoring your network and assisting with every technical issue—not just the most critical ones. We consistently deliver five 9s or above of uptime availability for our colocation services.

What makes our data centers stand out

  • Reliable N+1 design with concurrent maintainability provides complete infrastructure redundancy
  • High-density, scalable power with support for up to 18kW per rack allows you to upgrade in place – which means lower equipment costs, reduced install fees and less hassle for you
  • Enhanced connectivity through our Performance IP™ service, which leverages numerous carrier backbones worldwide and our patented route-optimization technology to ensure that your applications and traffic are delivered over the best-performing Internet path at all times
  • Green building design elements and practices for environmental efficiencies

Hybrid hosting – featuring Layer 2 Virtual LAN connectivity between your Internap colocation, hosting and cloud environments – combines the best features of multiple services in a single optimized IT environment for increased performance, productivity and cost savings

Key Colocation Features

Modular Infrastructure Design

  • Holistic design approach to scalable space, power and cooling
  • Pre-provisioned capacity for incremental generators, UPS and cooling within the same pod
  • Redundant systems across all critical infrastructure

Scalable Power

  • Facilities designed to scale power density at the rack level from 4kW to more than 18kW
  • Concurrently maintainable power system reduces the risk of outages
  • N+1 across all power infrastructure components

High-efficiency Cooling

  • In-row cooling options for high-density configurations
  • Close-coupled liquid cooling solutions enable up to 18kW per footprint
  • Hot aisle, cold aisle separation and passive cooling solutions maximize efficiencies
  • N+1 across all cooling infrastructure components

Security & Protection

  • Advanced systems continuously report electrical and mechanical infrastructure health to NOCs and onsite staff
  • 24/7 manned security ensures highly-controlled access
  • Facilities operated to comply with SAS 70 Type II and other industry-recognized standards

Carrier Diversity

  • Internap Performance IP™ with optimized links up to 10 GB
  • “Meet me” rooms with multiple carrier options including alternative transit and local access providers

Customer Amenities

  • Fully-equipped onsite office and conference space
  • Technical workspace and adjacent breakdown rooms
  • Full service lounge with DirecTV®, Xbox and multiple vending options

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Strategic Considerations

Know what to look for and the right questions to ask when choosing a colocation provider. Read our colocation decision brief.