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Colocation Management

Colocation Management

Cloud-like Control, On-demand Hybridization

Santa Clara

With demands on your IT Infrastructure constantly evolving, today’s colocation customers need flexibility beyond basic ping, power and pipe. However, colocation typically lacks the transparency and automation inherent in cloud services, making it difficult to gain a holistic view of the environment. In addition, businesses increasingly require the flexibility to quickly and easily address a wide range of use cases, resulting in the need to access a mix of infrastructure options.

The Internap Solution

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Best in Class, Online and Off
  • Internap offers you a state-of-the-art colocation solution, high-density power facilities and award-winning support through our dual NOCs.
  • With Internap’s customer portal, you can simplify management of your colocation footprint, minimize expensive trips to the data center and leverage cloud-to-colo hybridization for immediate access to elastic, on-demand resources

Hybridized Infrastructure

On-demand Hybrid Services
  • Integrate management of colocation and cloud infrastructure from a single customer portal.
  • Rapidly address changing business and application requirements with elastic, on-demand capacity.
  • Self-provision cloud compute, bare-metal servers and cloud storage via the portal and hybridize with your existing colocation footprint.

Inventory Management and Support Ticketing
  • Create and view all of your colocation equipment in a virtualized, remotely-accessible environment.
  • Deploy standard or custom stencils for device-level inventory tracking and management.
  • Open support tickets instantly and receive feedback directly from Internap’s NOC.

Rack Visualization

Bandwidth, Power and Environmental Monitoring
  • Capture and analyze device health and usage stats.
  • View rack-level temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Track IP traffic and conduct trend analyses.

Bandwidth Graphs