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Scalable Density

Same Footprint, Higher Density

Growing enterprises like yours can future-proof data center investments by selecting a colocation provider that leverages a modular, high power density data center. By using a colocation provider with these underlying facility capabilities, you can maximize IT flexibility and application scalability to better address changing needs.

At Internap, we call this future-proofing feature scalable density. Using this feature, our customers can grow their deployed power from 2kW to 18kW per rack footprint − one of the highest densities in the industry. What’s more, you can achieve this without ever having to move servers or buy additional data center space.

Business Challenges

The situation is not unfamiliar to IT managers: Your application has just hit an all time high for demand, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. You have space in your racks to add more hardware, but the power and cooling infrastructure at the data center where you are colocated was just not built for this level of usage. To protect yourself and your business, you face a few unappealing options for scaling your application deployment:

  • Purchase or reserve additional, hopefully adjacent, space up-front
  • Plan to lease additional space in the same or a different facility in the future
  • Plan to relocate to a different data center that can accommodate your needs

Each of these “solutions” focuses on adding more space, despite the fact that it is power that you need.

The Internap Solution

Instead of ‘going big’ by colocating in a massive facility, Internap believes it is better to partner with a colocation provider whose facilities are designed to be the most flexible and cost efficient. An Internap state-of-the-art data center changes the focus from space availability to power availability by combining structural changes to our infrastructure design with proven, complementary technologies. These changes allow us to support high-density configurations on an on-demand basis and ultimately increase the longevity of your colocation investment.

How does all this impact your business and ultimately your bottom line?

Hassle-Free Growth
Colocating in a high-density facility enables customers to avoid the complications involved with relocating, separating servers or paying for under-utilized space. These facilities efficiently support high-density rack configurations by powering equipment at 12kW or more per cabinet.

Greater Longevity
A colocation service supported by a high-density data center design provides you the capacity to easily extend the longevity of your equipment implementation. In addition, applications and other business operations are not disrupted by retrofitting the data center deployment.

Improved ROI
Since colocating equipment in a high-density data center provides you with more options for growth and can extend your longevity within the facility, ROI may improve compared to a traditional data center design. These facilities will allow you to colocate more server and storage equipment in your existing footprints. As a result, your business won’t have to pay for excess, unused data center footprint and will require fewer cabinets to support growth.

Reduced OPEX
Colocating all your IT equipment in one place allows containment of operating costs. Expensive, slow and unreliable network connections between facilities, in addition to travel and lost time, can all be avoided when you choose a facility that allows you to easily grow over the long term.

Reduced CAPEX
When you colocate your equipment in a facility designed for high-power density, you can be assured that the facility was designed with your equipment in mind. You no longer need to compromise your equipment to accept the limitations of a facility. An environment providing proper power and cooling will also better preserve equipment and decrease the chance of server and storage degradation over time.

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