Energy-Efficient Data Centers

Internap is committed to designing sustainable data centers that maximize energy efficiency, optimize costs and reduce dependence on fossil fuels and natural resources.

Here are a few ways we’re creating a more eco-friendly colocation environment with data center efficiency:

Reflective roofing
Our colocation facilities in Boston, MA, Dallas, TX and Santa Clara, CA feature white reflective roofing material designed to decrease the surface temperature by 100 degrees F – lowering the cost of cooling and decreasing CO2 emissions.

Variable speed fans in CRAC units
Cooling fans that automatically scale their speed according to ambient room temperatures reduce power consumption and the amount of heat emitted from the fans themselves creating a much more energy efficient data center.

Ultrasonic humidification systems
Rather than heating water using electricity to create humidity through steam, we’re applying a safe chemical mist to control static electricity without water.

Outside air exchangers
In colder climates, we’re taking advantage of the cooler temperatures by drawing outside air into the data center to offset cooling provided by the Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units – thus reducing the energy load.

Recycled graywater
Internap’s Santa Clara colocation facility was the first data center in California to use graywater for cooling. Since water is recycled from storm drain runoff, there’s no need to tap into the potable water system.

Controlled lighting
Instead of flooding data centers in bright light, we’re using resource-friendly timers that dim and/or shut off lighting when people aren’t present.

Smart location
We consider the environmental attributes of a locale when selecting our data center and colocation locations. For example, our Santa Clara data center was chosen because of its proximity to one of the most energy efficient, “clean” power plants in the region.


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