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Hybrid Hosting

Hybrid Hosting

You need synergy across multiple IT Infrastructure services to maximize application performance, from code to customer.

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Hybrid hosting is ideal for businesses that have one or more tiered applications requiring some combination of cloud, managed hosting or colocation to run efficiently. Layer 2 Virtual LAN connectivity and sophisticated management tools combine disparate infrastructure platforms into a highly-efficient, unified operating environment.

Key Benefits of Internap Hybrid Hosting

  • Maximum performance by distributing workloads to the optimal environment
  • Capital and operating expense efficiency
  • Seamless integration across application tiers without costly modifications
  • One application environment, one support contact and one invoice

Hybrid Hosting Use Case


Hybrid hosting services allow you to optimize your multi-tiered application by selecting the best-fit infrastructure platform for each tier. Generally, databases are optimized on non-virtualized dedicated gear, while the cloud is better for elastic web servers and log processing demands. By moving the different application tiers to the most suitable infrastructure platforms, you can maximize application performance and efficiency, while achieving web-scale within a single, hybridized environment.