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Cloud pitfalls can be avoided

Effectively using the cloud can lead to major benefits.

Cloud hosting, though a powerful technology that can deliver transformative business results, also comes with some risks. The early years of the cloud have exposed some of these issues and many vendors have begun developing ways to overcome these problems. According to a recent InfoWorld report, there are a few pitfalls that companies can fall into when moving into the cloud, however, these issues can be avoided through effective planning, InfoWorld reported.

While companies can get into trouble with security, and vendor issues in the cloud, the right strategies can eliminate these risks and position businesses to capitalize on the technology.

Avoiding cloud security pitfalls
According to the news source, many of the organizations that have complained of security problems in the cloud have ended up in bad situations because they do not do an adequate job of making security, regulatory and governance plans when transitioning to the technology. In many cases, turning to the cloud can be more secure than managing data and IT systems internally. However, organizations hoping to find success in the cloud and avoid security pitfalls must carefully plan to protect data and comply with regulatory laws. Otherwise, a company positions itself to end up running into data protection problems.

Getting around vendor issues
What happens when a cloud provider stops offering a service? What if that vendor goes out of business? These types of questions have held back the cloud's development as worries about vendors having too much control have weighed heavy on many IT leaders.

The report explained that with all of the diversity that exists in the cloud sector, IT leaders need to carefully look at their requirements and find the right cloud model, and vendor to meet their needs. Doing this can position organizations to develop an effective partnership that leads to major operational and fiscal gains.

Making the right cloud decisions
Cloud computing is not a panacea. The technology offers incredible potential, but like other IT decisions, the cloud requires collaboration between corporate and technology leaders that can analyze business and IT requirements and make decisions accordingly. This often means taking a holistic look at both short- and long-term market prospects and company strategies. This broad analysis of company goals and ideals can position organizations to leverage the cloud effectively and use the technology for fiscal and IT growth.