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Video, Mobile Device Trends Changing How Companies Should Approach Networks

The next few years will likely be a period in which video and mobile device use will increase substantially. As a result, businesses have to rethink how they get data to end users and consider making strategic network upgrades to meet employee and customer requirements.

The shifting video and mobile landscapes
According to a recent study from Bell Labs, the amount of video that people watch will increase substantially between now and 2020. At the same time, this video will increasingly be watched on smartphones and tablets as well as more traditional devices. This is creating an environment in which the network edge and backhaul will both face major increases in bandwidth requirements, pushing companies to consider new data delivery methods.

The study found that the average person watches approximately 4.8 hours of video daily. By 2020, this will shift to the average individual watching seven hours of video. As this transition takes place, the way that people gain access to content will also switch. In the current viewing climate, approximately 33 percent of all video viewed is delivered through the web. In 2020, 70 percent of all video viewed will come through the web.

This creates an environment in which content delivery network systems are crucial for organizations. This is especially true as mobile use increases, making backhaul bandwidth capabilities and interconnect functionality particularly important.

Marcus Weldon, CTO for Alcatel-Lucent, the organization that sponsors Bell Labs, explained that content delivery networks are particularly important because they can give organizations a guaranteed level of performance.

“Delivery of video from the cloud and from content delivery networks to tablets, TVs and smartphones — with guaranteed quality — presents an exciting new revenue opportunity for communications service providers, but only if they are prepared to take advantage of it,” said Weldon.

Considering the value of CDNs
CDNs offer businesses more than a simple way to improve content delivery to end users and customers. The solution also gives organizations an opportunity to simplify their broad network setup and take strategic control of operations. This is made possible because the network creates a dedicated channel for specific types of data delivery, allowing for much more predictable and optimized performance. This not only provides companies with the ability to improve network functionality, it also gives them a solid foundation for innovation because they do not have to worry as much about the network’s ability to support data delivery.