Flow Control Platform

Internap’s Flow Control Platform™ (FCP) is an intelligent route-optimization appliance that continually monitors your multi-homed network for latency, packet loss, route stability and congestion.

Designed to automatically select the best-performing, highest availability path at all times, Flow Control Platform ensures optimal application performance and availability. By acting as an end-to-end carrier load balancing solution, FCP lets you avoid up-to-the-minute variations of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

FCP analyzes IP network-bound traffic in real-time, and identifies which networks your applications use by measuring round-trip times as well as bandwidth usage.

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Increase visibility and troubleshooting control

  • Identify problems in your multi-homed network within minutes, and implement real-time changes based on that knowledge.
  • Manage outages, black holes, brownouts and slowdowns that can impact revenue and productivity.
  • Determine the cause of the network, user and application issues.

Improve network performance and availability

  • Automatically route traffic around major network outages.
  • Proactively identify and choose the best-performing path for your traffic at all times.
  • Improve end-user satisfaction.

Manage your providers; allocate costs

  • Manage your service providers to their SLAs with concrete performance data and reports.
  • Accurately allocate IT costs across your organization based on application and bandwidth use.
  • Provide measurable internal SLAs that can be validated against historical logs.


Leverage powerful reporting features

  • Access metrics and reports to dynamically measure and manage end-to-end network performance.
  • Generate and analyze comprehensive reports on network performance and cost.
  • Communicate network performance and utilization across stakeholders.
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