Business Challenge

As one of the world’s largest and most trusted audience aggregators, AudienceScience works with high-caliber, high-volume websites from top-tier publishers and advertisers that produce large volumes of data. Ensuring that operations always run smoothly is the company’s key to maintaining their clients’ trust.


With Internap’s diverse colocation facilities and IP solutions, AudienceScience can more effectively serve its international customer base while keeping network costs under control. Since partnering with Internap, AudienceScience has improved its network performance and reduced billing and network management hassles. They have also enjoyed the flexibility of moving traffic between locations without having to worry about billing implications. AudienceScience is now able to access its worldwide customer base even faster, while providing a more reliable end-user experience.


  • Moved traffic easily between points of presences without the worries of billing implications
  • Maximized the network performance needed for their real-time bidding technology platform
  • Removed complications associated with keeping up with multiple systems and networks

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